(aka the "Blue Book") is now in paperback! Save $7 over the hardcover price for this essential book for all Christian Scientists. Also, we have both the Blue Book and the Red Book on searchable CD. Click here to go to the order page and find the label!
Has a new book that beautifully shares just how God, our true nature, can be made practical in our expeience, eliminating disease of every kind. This is one of those rare books that shows your friends and family alike the mesmeric nature of medical thought that would hold one in bondage; when the light is seen the darkness flees. Few individuals have the rare talent of showing, from personal experience, just how to emerge from the hypnotic influence of the medical world to achieve healing of every kind. Having had a background both in the medical arena as well as in Christian Science, Michele provides a wonderful road map, a "bridge" from the world of sense back to our natural state of Soul, where our perfect nature is discerned and manifested. The God We Have Created: The Basic Cause of All Disease can be ordered in both hardcover and paperback. This book will "open your eyes" to see just what is possible. Go to our publications page.
Since 1920, the Scott Abbott Manufacturing Co. has been producing Metal Lesson Markers for use by Christian Scientists throughout the world. They have proven a valuable tool for the organized study of sacred and valuable texts. You can learn more by visiting them at their website: http://www.biblemarkers.net
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This Yahoo group has a new web address. It is a must-see site for any serious student of Christian Science wishing to find a conscientious study group formed under the title of Mr. Arthur Corey's (CSB) writ is receiving a warm reception by earnest students of Christian Science. As recently as mid-April of 2006 new members have joined expressing gratitude for having found the Group, saying, "I have been searching far and wide to find a CS study group." Also, one may find a beautifully formatted online edtion of Arthur Corey's work at: http://www.lineoflight.com/tcsu/corey/index.php
Also known as the "Red Book". You can save $7 over the hardcover version of this volume. ALSO, both the Blue Book (Divinity Course and General Collectanea) and the Red Book that we publish in paperback are printed in LARGER type but while maintaining the exact same wording per page so that the existing concordance can be utilized in the searching of the Blue Book. Click here to go to the order page.