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Talk in San Diego by Myrtle Smyth, C.S.
Myrtle Smyth has shared with us a wonderful talk she gave while in San Diego, CA this October. It is a full 92+ minutes and inspires with her practical application of Christian Science. Order by calling us at (800) 962-1464 or by clicking on the link above. Remember, we now take credit cards.
Christian Science, Our Glorious Heritage: Where has it gone?
This latest offering from Christeen Anderson is the culmination of her years of research bringing together five of her publications in one complete whole, including the latest new one, The Great Deception. All five of her works are logically presented for the serious student who wants to know why Christian Science has nearly been lost, and it provides answers to redeem it from the grasp of ecclesiasticism. Do not miss this wonderful compilation including The Beauty of Holiness, The Design of God, The Church Manual: Yesterday--Today--Forever, The Great Deception,and Science Obscured. Click the link above to order this well-documented authentication of how the church has strayed from our Leader's clear instructions.
The publisher of Joel Goldsmith's books has introduced the first two of a series of books to be compiled and published from the letters of Joel Goldsmith. Living by the Word(245pp) and Living the Illumined Life(237pp) are available for $15.95 each from our website page or by calling us at (800) 962-1464.