He who will not defend the Truth shall be compelled
to defend a lie, that he may be snared and caught.
-William Blake
Learn about the Christian Science Board of Directors seizure of the denominational textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. Does any organization have the authority to seize an author's work and adulterate the contents? Is the Christian Science Board of Directors making the Manual of The Mother Church obsolete with the excuse of keeping "abreast of the times?" This publication gives the reader documented proof of the current and past activities perpetrated on the branch churches and the Christian Science Textbook. This includes the letters from the unprecedented meeting of five departments of the Mother Church in Houston, Texas, July, 20-25, 2000.
John 2:16,17
Make not my Father's house an house of merchandise.
And his disciples remembered that it was written,
The zeal of thine house hath eaten me up.
TWO NEW Myrtle Smyth audiotapes
Myrtle Smyth has just provided us all with two new audiotapes -- "He'll Give His Angels Charge Over Thee/The 91st Psalm" and "The Healing Power of Gratitude/Thanksgiving 2001." Thousands of people that have heard Myrtle's timely and substance-filled talks on pertinent topics thave felt the love and spirit that dissolves fear, uplifts and meets the present need.
The Bible and the Christian Science Textbook by Mary Baker Eddy are the fundamental sources for the subject of these Summer Classes. These, together with the works of John W. Doorly and Max Kappeler comprise the substance upon which the Summer School Class is built. Follow the above link to learn more.
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Thanks go to Amy Duncan for sharing this timeless address by Martha Wilcox. This address can be found on our "Resources" page as well.