This book provides incomparable insights to the actions and thoughts of Mary Baker Eddy in her daily life at "Pleasant View." Gilbert Carpenter, CSB, was a secretary in Mrs. Eddy's home for a year. Few individuals had as clear a metaphysical insight as did Gilbert Carpenter, and he shares this with the reader revealing the spiritual impetus behind our Leader's actions. Mary Baker Eddy: Her Spiritual Footsteps
Three new tapes are available: 1) A recording by Bliss Knapp (side 1) & "I heard Lincoln that day" by William Rathvon (side 2); 2) "The Greatest Thing in the World" by Henry Drummond and recorded by Gene Chapman, and; 3) The Sermon on the Mount (and other Bible passages) recorded by Gene Chapman. CLICK HERE!
Moral Idiocy is perhaps one of the most insightful articles ever on handling animal magnetism. By an unknown author, this article has been available for some time, and still is, through the Bookmark: read it here, but order it from them. This article is a "must read."
This is a wonderful treatment to give yourself and the whole world every day. Hop on over and print this off!


What exactly is the Melchizedek Bible? It is a version of the Bible containing selected books of the King James Version and their parallel counterpart that was written from a spiritually scientific standpoint with an understanding of Christian Science. It can provide interesting insights for those searching for a deeper metaphysical understanding of certain Biblical passages.