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See the testimony of a survivor from the R.M.S. Titanic. (Contributed by Ralph Proctor.). Same thing here; go to Resources/Testimonies directly by navigating the top menu - Resources.
George Washington's Vision has long been one of the most inspiring documents ever recorded concerning the divine origin and protection of this nation in its founding, and of its founding Father, George Washington. We reprint a version of this account, along with another not so well known incident of Washington's divine protection. Enjoy!
Read an article that was claimed to have resided in the British Museum about a conversation between Jesus to John. (Contributed by Donna Lewis.)
Check out the prediction (just found in 500 Watching Points) of December 23, 1866, as well as the one from Adam Dickey's memoirs about Mary Baker Eddy.
500 Watching Points by Gilbert C. Carpenter, CSB is now available to be downloaded in PDF format. Just click on the title, and you will be taken to our Resources page where you can download it.
This PDF file format enables all of the pictures and formatting to remain intact, and in full color (if the original is color). The files you can download will have a little "PDF" graphic at the end of the file or publication. We have provided you with a link to get the FREE program from Adobe Systems - Acrobat Reader - to view these files on you own computer, whether it is an IBM, Mac, UNIX or any Windows based computer. Just click here
Click here to download the "Prayer to God."