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This is what today is termed a "near-death" account. Experienced by a Christian Scientist, it is destined to be perhaps the most Scientific analysis and explanation of this phenomenon - a fascinating account.
Defending Mary Baker Eddy's Church Manual - a response to The Mailing Fund's November 19, 1998 article mailed to Christian Scientists, concerning the consent or estoppel clauses of the Manual.
Worry - Now there is something we all do too much. Don't miss this wonderful article by Rev. Frank Stribling. It will raise you up and free your thought. (Contributed by Meredith Schilder)
Healing Unlimited is pleased to present Doris Grekel's trilogy now in paperback. This is sure to be acknowledged as the most comprehensive, balanced perspective of the most important woman in human history. See our special for all three volumes together!
Please also take note of The Melchizedek Bible now available in paperback form for only $24.95.
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The Apostle Paul was in a dark, dank, rat-infested prison when he wrote these words: "I have learned this one thing, that in whatever circumstance I am in, therein to be grateful." (Philippians 4:11) He didn't say we should be thankful for a bad situation, but rather, to be grateful regardless of the circumstance. Through spiritual practice, we find strength that transcends a temporary emotion or misfortune and learn to live from a grateful heart. -- Mary Manin Morrissey
An Apocryphal account of Thecla, a virtuous woman, and beloved Paul. Perhaps one the most moving pictures of true womanhood, faith, moral courage and understanding in all of Scripture. Don't miss this wonderful lesson on the power of purity!