Yes, we have been busy here at Healing Unlimited! We have the pleasure of offering to you the finest exposition on the changes made to Science and Health by the church after Mrs. Eddy left in 1910. The research and inspiration put into The Design of God is remarkable in its simplicity, truth and brevity. Order this today!
Awake Thou That Sleepest is Stanford Veira's wonderfully loving account how Mary Baker Eddy's teachings have been a boon to him throughout his life. He shares wonderful stories and provides a depth of vitality sure to interest the new inquirer to Christian Science as well as the seasoned student.
The Christian Science Foundation Compendium Supplement No. 3  
The Christian Science Foundation Compendium Supplement No. 3The Christian Science Foundation Compendium Supplement No. 3The Christian Science Foundation of England has recently shared with the world their third supplement to the magnificent Compendium, The Continuity of the Cause of Christian Science, originally published in 1992. This timely document is characteristic of their scrupulous faithfulness to the spirit and letter of Christian Science and the history of Mary Baker Eddy and her church. Read this and write them for their Compendium.

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